Crafting the best Go software with dedication


AhQ Pro

    Top-notch Go AI software on mobile devices with professional 9 dan level!

  • Powerful engine - The built-in hardware acceleration engine is stronger (equivalent to professional top)
  • Remote computing - Support renting a computer or connecting to you computer to break through the limitations of mobile computing power
  • Cloud Kifu - Supports Tencent、Sina and Gokifu source, you can quickly search for kifu by user name
  • Kifu recognition - Supports accurate recognition of the chessboard in the picture, more convenient
  • Kifu editing - Supports complete kifu recording functions such as branch operations, comment editing, addition and deletion markers, addition and deletion stones
  • Master opening - Support opening book, about 300000 board situations for you to study
  • Predict next - Over 100,000 questions of various difficulties, see if you and the AI have the same vision
  • AhQ hawk-eye - Supports overall kifu analysis, with all the slip moves, tesuji moves, so it\'s easy to review
  • Part analysis - Supports selecting a part of the board for analysis, quickly solving life and death problems

AhQ Connector

    The first universal Go AI connector on mobile devices, essential for watching and playing games!

  • Synchronize game - Supports synchronize games on any platform such as OGS, KGS, TYGEM
  • Powerful engine - Built-in the latest KataGo engine, with professional top level
  • Remote Computing - Supports AI-Galaxy, KataVip or other platforms to rent machine, breaking through the computing power limit of mobile phones
  • Extensive Compatibility - Compatible with a variety of game rules, komi, etc., worry-free use
  • Board Projection - Supports the projection of analysis points to the original board for display, which is more convenient and easy to use
  • Automatic play - Supports AI to automatically play move, freeing your hands!

AhQ Player

    Automatically record moves with a camera and upgrade your board to a smart board!

  • Real-time camera recording - Supports the use of mobile phone camera to automatically identify the moves of both sides and generate SGF file
  • Play against AI on a physical board - Support voice broadcast AI recommended move, realize playing against AI on the physical board!
  • Connecting third-party platforms to play games - Support connecting third-party platforms, realize playing games on the physical board

AhQ Clock

    Beautiful and easy-to-use clock app for Go and Chess

  • Supports multiple game types - Supports game timing for multiple types such as Go and Chess
  • Supports multiple time rules - Supports byoyomi, fischer, and sudden death rules
  • Supports photo count - Support count points by taking a photo and determine who wins
  • Support voice countdown - Support voice broadcasting of remaining time