Two million Po in seconds!

At present, the level of Go AI on home computer has far exceeded that of humans. Many fans or professional players are equipped with high-performance computer and even use high-performance computing servers on the Amazon Web Service to run the Go AI.

On the mobile phone, due to the limitation of computing power, although Ah Q Go has a strong strength at present, it is difficult to reach the top level of the professional players, and occasionally there are some low-level mistakes, such as ladder.

Therefore, I provide a way to remotely connect your mobile phone to a computer or server, and then use the computing power of the computer or server to perform calculations. Finally, the operation result is transmitted to the Ah Q Go in the mobile phone for display.

This is currently an experimental feature and has not yet been released. You can activate this feature by typing “//7%” in the search box on the home page, and then you can see the new RemoteClient option when you select the engine in the analysis mode.

Select RemoteClient, click Advanced Settings, the following view will appear.

Host: The public IP of your computer. If your mobile phone and computer are on the same LAN, you can use LAN IP.
Port: Usually 22 by default
Username: The login name of your computer, such as the most common “Administrator” on Windows.
Password: The login password of your computer. If you do not have a login password, you need to set a password.
Command: The command to be executed after connecting to your computer. For example, on Windows “D:\leela-zero-0.16-win64\leelaz.exe -g -w D:\leela-zero-0.16-win64\best-network”, on Mac or Linux “./leela-zero/src/leelaz -g -w /leela-zero/src/best-network”

If the connection is successful, you can see that I now have a mobile phone with 4x2080Ti graphics card, haha.

Two million Po in seconds!!! 

Enjoy it!

Note that Ah Q uses the SSH protocol to connect, so your home computer or server needs to have SSH Service enabled. If you are using a Windows system, you can install OpenSSH to turn on the SSH service. If you are using a Mac or Linux system, it should be simpler. For details, please search for how to enable SSH service.

Understanding the above requires some computer knowledge base. So if you don’t know how to set it up or the connection fails, it is recommended to work with a computer professional or contact my email


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