AQ GO v1.2.2.4 Milestone version has been released!

Download link: AQGO1.2.2.4 (just 20+MB)

The strongest android Go app in the world based on Leela Zero and AQ !

Built-in Leela and AQ dual engine.

AQ engine has 6d of strength.

Leela engine has 9d of strength.


  1. AI analyse mode. You can use AI to analyse your games, check winning ratio and show variation diagram

  2. AI play mode. You can fight against 30K~9d level AI and support handicap games.

  3. AI self play mode. No time to play? Ok, you can let two AI battle and learn from it.

  4. Export and import SGF game files.

  5. Automatic territory calculation

The most important thing is that it is completely free!


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